For a sustainable event

  • The Centrale Lyon 2022 Challenge is an inter-school sports competition bringing together more than 3000 students over two days.
  • The Centrale Lyon Challenge is an eco-responsible event that is committed to reducing as much as possible the negative environmental and social impacts while promoting local economic spin-offs. This event is also committed to an evaluation of its environmental, social and economic impacts in order to develop a strategy for continuous improvement. Each participant is also committed to respecting this approach.

Sustainable development, sport is committed®

  • The Centrale Lyon Challenge is not only about sports, it is also an event that is committed to the planet :


  • The French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) has awarded us for the third consecutive year the label “Sustainable Development, Sport is Committed®” which certifies that the action of the event is in line with the sustainable development of sport and this on the basis of Agenda 21 and the “French Sport Charter for Sustainable Development”!


  • So come to the Challenge to sweat AND act for the future of the planet !

Waste sorting

  • A large sporting event means a large amount of potential waste.
  • In this perspective of greening sport, the Challenge has sorting and recycling at the heart of its concerns. Sorting is not only done by the Challenge, but by all its participants! To help them in this endeavor, sorting racks rented from the Aremacs association are placed on campus. The objective is to optimize the amount of recycled waste among the mass of waste produced by the Challenge.
  • Thus, during the party organized on Saturday evening, drinks will be served in eco-cups (washable plastic glasses).
  • Waste sorting instructions : click here.

Water bottles

  • Following the study project conducted last year by a group of students from the school and sponsored by the Challenge team, the Zero Plastic Water Bottle objective continues! Participants were told that no plastic water bottles would be distributed and were encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Participants can also choose to use the logistically, environmentally, and financially optimal solution proposed by the students of the Zero Bottle project: reusable water bottles made of recycled plastic, and recyclable, in the image of our event.


  • Packfoods corresponds to the meal provided to the participants on Saturday noon. We try to insert it as much as possible in a logic of sustainable development. For that, it is made of a maximum of recyclable packaging, of fruits coming from local producers. Moreover, it is given to the participants in a reusable bag. This year, the Challenge goes further, by distributing 100% vegetarian packfood on Saturday lunchtime, and dividing by 3 the carbon footprint linked to this meal, while preserving the quality.
  • Waste sorting instructions for packfoods : click here.

Solidarity at the Challenge

  • Sustainable development is not limited to recycling, the social dimension is one of the pillars of its foundations and is therefore part of the Challenge Centrale Lyon’s field of action. Every year, and again this year, the Challenge supports the cause of Handisport. By introducing its participants to certain disciplines such as sitting volleyball (or para-volleyball), for example, and by inviting associations such as the FEDEEH to its Partner Village, the Challenge defends the values of Handisport throughout the event.

The Challenge, a social event

  • This year, the Challenge has strengthened its partnership with the Fédéeh (Student Federation for a Dynamic Study and Employment with a Disability), in order to make participants aware of disability and sport, but also to exchange with other committed student associations so that each one can share its experience, in a continuous improvement process. In addition, the Challenge Village is also a showcase to promote to participants the actions of associations committed to current societal issues, such as Action Against Hunger, Planet & Co’, the Fédéeh, Odysseus 3.1…

Consequences of the Challenge on the environment

  • An assessment of the environmental impact of the 2020 edition of the Centrale Lyon Challenge was carried out, in order to identify the areas that emit the most CO2, and to identify areas for improvement. This has led us this year to offer entirely vegetarian food packs on Saturday lunchtimes, and to increase the number of vegetarian meals offered at the University Restaurant. While preserving the quality of these meals, their carbon impact will be divided by 3. The same process of establishing a carbon footprint will be repeated each year, in order to have a tool for comparison between editions to quantify improvements and establish a strategy for continuous improvement.