What’s Rocket League x Sopra Steria ?

Rocket League is a rather simple game, it’s football played with cars. Two teams of three players fly their race cars and have to score more goals than their adversary within intense games of 5 minutes. When there is a tie, they fight each other for a golden goal during the added time.

Les voitures disposent d’un stock limité de turbo qui leur permet d’aller beaucoup plus vite. Celui-ci peut être rechargé à différents endroits du terrain. Il est également possible pour les voitures d’effectuer des sauts, qui combinés au turbo permettent de s’envoler et ainsi donnent l’opportunité d’un jeu aérien spectaculaire à haut niveau. Le jeu Rocket League, bien qu’accessible, demande beaucoup de technique et d’entraînement pour atteindre un niveau compétitif.

The cars have a limited amount of turbo allowing team to be much faster. However, it can be loaded again at strategic places on the pitch. The cars are also able to fly, which if simultaneous to the use of the turbo allows spectacular top-level games. Although very approchable at first, this game also requires technique and training to reach pro level.

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